Monday, March 2, 2009

It comes like a lion..and leaves like a lamb

The title above is what we use here to describe March. Well, it's already March and in just a couple of weeks, spring season is coming. But we are welcomed by a snow storm on March 1st ( a lion is roaring). I bet it's gonna be quite warm in the end of this month (it leaves like a quite lamb). It is snowing really heavy right now. I've been checking out at my window to see how thick the snow is outside. Tomorrow morning, I will definitely go out and take pictures like what I used to do during my freshmen year..:))..I hope school is canceled. I really enjoy seeing the while fluffy snow on the ground and roads. But I will get annoyed whenever the snow removal truck plows the snow or some bastard walking on it. I don't want to see your shoe prints, ok..I just want the white snowy ground to be undisturbed.:)).Well, I better get up early tomorrow morning before the white fluffy snow-covered ground is "decorated" with shoe prints everywhere.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Valentines Dance Tango

I am currently listening to this music..over and over again...Oh, it's hard to describe how I love it so much..:))..I actually want to put it as a background music here, but I cannot recall how to do it. I asked Mr. Engineer to listen to it but he said, he doesn't really like the music. I am frustrated a little bit but what can I say, both of us have completely different tastes. Well, I will make him like whatever I like someday..:)...This music will definitely be the music for my wedding in the future..hahah. I am thinking about taking a dancing class with Mr. Engineer when I go back to Malaysia. He said he may not have time for it. But, let see how it'll be. I hope this dancing class plan happens. Or, Mr. Engineer can teach me some tango steps when he comes back from his trip in Argentina..wink wink...

I am eating my dinner right now. It's 10.30pm here and I know it is too late for a dinner. Well, it was my fault too because I woke up at 9pm from my "napping". That was my first nap in this week. Congratulation to me for not napping in the afternoon..hahah..I was feeling so tired after doing my groceries shopping at the Chinese store. Yeah, it was my second part of groceries shopping. At first, I decided to spend not more than $20 there so that I can pay in cash. But, I ended up spending $45+....and did something that I am not supposed to do..swiping my debit card.*sigh*..I am really overbudget this week...Anyway, if it is for food...I think it is forgiven..Lol..I didn't buy chicken today as the chicken there is really expensive. I went to a store that sells organic stuffs..(that's even more expensive) but there is no chicken there as well..Well, no chicken for this week..:(..I bought some kind of herbal tea from that store so that I won't feel awkward entering the store and not buying anything. That is the most expensive tea I ever bought..$4.50 for just 16 bags...(T_T)...and it tastes weird many herbal flavor..I think I like it..Everything in that store is really expensive (organic stuffs, bah) and I don't think I can afford to shop there everytime I want to buy groceries. If I was rich, yes..I'll definitely go there as organic food is good to you. Plus, I am an environmental people, so I should change my lifestyle a bit to save our planet..:P

My housemate's bf is coming to visit her this week so I better not to go out from my room frequently. Hahah..I just don't want to disturb them. Her bf, which is a doctor for NYC will stay here overnight. I am actually easy to get shy whenever a guy is coming to our house. I will just say "hi" and left. I won't have a conversation unless I feel comfortable with him..Hahah..weirdo. Ok, I wanna continue eating my dinner. My menu today is porridge with pork shung (serunding pork)...yummy..:))

Friday, February 27, 2009

It's finally Friday!!!

Finally it's Friday. Seems like times fly by so fast. February is almost over and in a couple of days, March is coming. That means, I have about 3 months here in the USA. I haven't decided when I plan to go back. Perhaps in the middle of June? Hmm..depends on my financial status too. Well, I just got my biweekly salary today. It was deposited into my account a while ago and I was happy to see it. But, I cannot use the money to buy stupid stuffs anymore. From now on, I have to save some of them and then use the rest to clear up my credit cards..yeah, credit cards...I still have some balances and I hope that I can pay them up by the end of April. Wish me luck..:P I made another promise this month..I will stop shopping...Shopping is only for groceries and other stuffs to survive. NO MORE clothes, handbags, shoes, and some other random stuffs. And this time, I really mean it..err..I guess..It is so hard to fight the tempatation sometime...Well, I will try my best..(^_*)..I remember when my Mr. Engineer said, "Ok, enough with your "no more shopping and save more money" vow. I always hear it every year but it never happens"..I just gave him this silly face when hearing that. He is the one who always advice me to stop buying unimportant stuffs and save money. Maybe he is bored hearing me saying.."Sayang, I am broke..send me some money"..huhuhu...the"send me some money" part is just a joke. He'll never do that unless I am in a critical condition..or it is and urgent matter. Anyway, money matter is always unsolved. It is up to us to decide how we manage it.

Ok, let's leave the money topic....(^_^)

The weather is very beautiful today..with 60 degrees Fahrenheit. I was so happy to walk around campus. It is pretty windy but the wind makes today's weather PERFECT. Not so cold, and not so hot...I wish I had this kind of weather everyday in my life. I went to buy some groceries at Happy Harry's after finished working at the library. Talking about library reminds me of what I saw today...Well, as usual, while shelving the book (this is my routine job here..) I love to skim books that I find interesting. Today, I saw a book about Heroin drug. It looks like a children book because its calling number is located at the PZs section (PZ is the alphebet code for story books and other light reading material). This curious lazybumblebee opened the book and YUCKKK...I saw some scary graphics of people taking that drug and what infected cut. I almost threw that book away..Lol..Well, that book was actually not gory enough. I saw one book at the lower level (LL) section that is even scarier and creeps me out until now. It is a book about war in Iraq. How the wounded soldiers look like..YUCCKKIIEERR and OMG...I hope I will not see that book again or shelve it...I do feel afraid but sometimes, the evil part of me always tries to persuade me to open that kind of book..:P...

Well..I think that's it for now. I want to take a quick nap so that I have some energy to stay up late tonight..It's Friday's night and I'll have my regular online dating with Mr. Engineer..;))

Thursday, February 26, 2009

In the middle of the night...

It is 2 am in the morning and I break my vow again this time. I supposed to go to bed at 1 am so that I can get up by 9 am tomorrow morning..But, I don't know why it is so hard for me to sleep early. I have this guilt feeling everytime I go to bed before 12 am. I feel like I just make the day shorter if I sleep early. What a lame thinking from a lame lazybumblebee. I usually sleep very late and wake up very2 late too..So, what's the different, right? The day still get shorter since I spend most of the time sleeping. Well, maybe I am just a human version of an owl. This lazybumblebee is a nocturnal being. Heheh...Ok, I will spend 30 minutes typing this post and then, go to bed. Hopefully, I can get up early tomorrow. Wish me luck..Hohoho..I should ask Mr. Engineer a while ago to give me a morning call. But, that usually doesn't help much. I will definitely go back to sleep after hearing his "sweet" voice..Lol.

Ok, let's talk about something else.

I was doing some revision..not really a revision actually..on how to make a webpage for one of my class (ArcGIS). I do know how to do that html coding thingy but I am just not familiar with the program they use. It is called SSH Secure Shell Client. We have to use this UNIX stuff and it looks wayy complicated to me...or maybe I am just to lazy to read thoroughly the handout. Well, I need someone to show me how to do it instead of I read it and figure it out myself..Lol...The various codes used in that handout are enough to make me feel dizzy. Anyway, I got some of them done except the file directory part. I'll go to the extra section of that class tomorrow and ask my professor about it. This coming Thursday will be the longest day ever for this week. I will be pretty much occupied from noon till evening. Hanging there, girl...:)

I actually wanna share an interesting story today. About an hour ago, I was chatting with my third or fourth degree relative. I never meet her in person but I know that she is somewhat related to me..hahah..what is that? Ok, let's go back to my story. It's been a while I haven't heard anything from her and today she suddenly went online. She works as a flight attendant with Malaysia Airlines. Cool, huh? I bet she is very attractive. Huhu...I am actually quite jealous with her profession since I used to dream of becoming a flight attendant before. But, I think there are other better fields for a person like me..cheh...While chatting with her, she told me that she is on leave. I ask her why..and guess what...her answer quite surprises me. She said that she is not able to work because her face has acne breakout. Wow..that's quite interesting!!! You can get sick leaves because of ACNE! Well, I don't want to make fun of this matter. Yeah, I understand that her job needs her to look good all the time. You meet many people everyday and of course, the first thing they'll see is your face...not your butt..Lol...I feel pity for her but I don't have any advises to give since I am also suffering from that acne problem. But mine is even worse. I've been having that problem since ages ago....That is one reason I decided to forget about my dream of becoming a flight attendant. I will never get into it anyway because apart from the acne problem, I am also short and not very attractive..hahaha..If I am willing to put much effort on grooming and other stuffs, I think I can be the hottest girl in town..Hohoho...That's what I always talk about with my friends. We just need a makeover, from head to toe of course, to look absolutely GORGEOUS! Maybe, I was born to be a cute one, instead of a stunning one. But, cute is ugly but nice to see..*Sigh*..Whateverrr...

Oh, shoott..It's past 2.30 am...Lazybumblebee needs to go to bed..I'll see you again next time..Good Night!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More than a month later....

Gosh! I broke my promise to update this blog often. Well, I am just too lazy to type stuffs in here plus I also didn't have any ideas what to talk about. After reading one interesting blog last few days, I decided that maybe I should update mine more often. I don't have to think hard about the topic of my everyday post. All I need to do is talk about anything (that is appropriate to share with, of course) that crosses my

Ok, let me start.

Well, just to let you know, the spring semester (a.k.a my final semester here) just started 2 weeks ago. Wayy too late compares to others. I am a little bit nervous because this is the final semester and I have to make sure everything goes planned..I already did my senior checkout with the dean last year and he told me I am on track and ready to graduate. I should not play around this semester since this is my last battle at the am taking four classes this time with minimum total credit hours. This is my first time taking minimum hours. Looking at my class schedule this semester, I am pretty much free..My classes are not started till 12.30pm on Tuesday and Thursday, 6pm class on Monday and Wednesday and NO class on Friday. If I chose to be a lazy bumblebee, this semester is the super suitable time..haha..But, I don't want to do that...Even though I have plenty of free time in my hand, I actually have a lot of commitments to do. Those free times mean money to, I can work more hours this time. I am thinking about working more than 20 hours per week but it is actually illegal to do so. I heard that some students do that but I am kind of afraid to put myself at risk. I want to be a good girl this semester..hahah..Yeah, a "good" girl.

I am actually eating my dinner right now. I ordered the food online. It took me soo long to decide whether I should spend money. After doing some rationalization..cheh...I went to, did some clicking, waited for an hour for the food to arrive..and then, here I am...enjoying my shrimp mai fun (chinese version of bihun goreng). I don't have any apetite to eat the food I cooked since I am sicked of it..I am actually a good cook (according to my housemate) won't get sick eating the same "lauk" everyday. Here, I usually cook on Sunday and keep the food for the rest of the week. I am quite lazy to cook during the weekdays because I usually feel very tired after school. I wish my mom was here so that I don't have to think about what to eat for dinner, how to cook the chicken, blah blah blah..

Well, enough about food stories. I want to share with you about my dream last night. I think it was the sweetest dream ever although it was very weird. Well, dreams are always weird. I'm not sure whether my Mr. Engineer would like to hear about this dream. Hope he won't be some unknown reason, Mr. FirstCrush was in my dream last night. In that dream, I dated Mr. FirstCrush and we were madly in love. I was so happy and it is actually hard to describe the feeling. That is so stupid. Well, it is just a dream. Let's go back to haven't told Mr. Engineer about this dream because I don't want him to be upset. We actually always tell each other about our dreams. It is kind of cute actually. Hahah..I miss Mr. Engineer so much. I have about more than three months before I can see him in person again. I can't wait that moment..:))..

Well, I think that's it for now. I have to take a shower and then do some reading assignments tonight..I hope that will happen..I mean, doing reading assignments. I usually fall asleep after reading a few pages of my textbook...(^_*)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I always dream of having a blog....

After months, oh, wait..maybe years of thinking about having a blog but keep on postponing it since I am too lazy to type, I finally drag my lazy ass to create one here. I hope my super new blog will stay alive for a long time and I'll try to update it at least once a month.....

I am actually trying to be productive for this winter session as I am not taking any class this semester..Yeah, I have no idea what classes to take since I am almost done with most of them. I only have one semester left and few months away before saying "Hi" to the real world...Honestly speaking, I am not so ready to face it but at the same time, I can't wait to get out from school...:p...I haven't decided what kind of job I wanna do...Well, maybe I should forget it for now..I'll think about it again before going to sleep and then wake up with a nightmare of not having a secured have tons of stuff playing in my mind lately..yeah, getting a job, start my senior design project, updating my internship project, etc. But it is just too hard to start doing them when there is nothing to push you (early due dates)...Maybe I was born to be a last-minute person...I wish I could be like someone who is always doing his/her work (assignments and projects of course) whenever he/she feels bored. You " my hobbies are finishing up my assigments, projects, reading textbooks and updating my notes.."..hahaha..I wonder if this kind of person exist..:))..

Well, I think that's it for now..I have to save my stories for next posts..Yeah, when I am out of ideas, I will stop writing and you don't want that to happen, right?Hahaha..I want to wish everybody Happy New Year!!! Good luck with your journey in fullfilling your resolutions...If you don't have any, good..We are in the same, I think I just figured out what my resolutions are but I am not too serious to fulfill them..except the finding for a good job part..:))..See ya...